Navicat for Oracle versions

Manage MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server and/or MariaDB databases
30 Aug 2022
11 Sep 2018
17 Nov 2017
10 Sep 2014
12 Jun 2013
28 Jun 2012
21 Sep 2011
27 Nov 2010
15 Apr 2010

What's new

v12.0 [17 Nov 2017]
Bug Fixes:
- Error occurred when synchronizing structure in some cases.
- Replace All did not work in Table Viewer.
- Cell selection disappeared after pressing CTRL C in Table Viewer.
- Error occurred when running query in some cases.
- "Unknown Internal Error" occurred when exporting query results.

v11.1 [10 Sep 2014]
- Allow copying field names in Table Viewer and Query's Result.
Bug Fixes:
- Crashed after multiple drag & drop tables in Model Designer.

v11.0 [12 Jun 2013]
Navicat 11 delivers numerous improvements and features to address your database management needs. With over 100 enhancements, including a brand new interface, Navicat gives you new ways to manage your database, making your work more efficient and easier than ever.
Navicat is now releasing 64-bit versions for Windows and Mac Os X. The 64-bit edition of Navicat fully utilizes the resources of your 64-bit computer, taking full advantage of its enhanced memory management.
Navicat brings a number of UI improvements over its predecessor. With a streamlined working environment, enhanced docking system, searchable trees, and an improved button layout, the clean modern user interface provides a clear display and focuses on delivering information essential to your work.
The Table Viewer comes with box selection, including the ability to simultaneously edit multiple cells. With a simple click and drag of the mouse, you can easily select a rectangular edit region. With Navicat 11, not only can you delete, but you can also simultaneously replace and edit text in multiple cells, reducing the need to type and significantly improving your workflow and output.
Every connection is about security, stability, and reliability. Navicat now embeds a new SSH engine which provides more encryption formats and high-performance environments so you never have to worry about connecting over an insecure network.
Navicat 11 introduces a new update mechanism that automatically checks for new updates so you no longer need to track them yourself. This ensures you have the most up-to-date, stable, and secure version of Navicat installed.
The Find and Replace feature allows you to maintain and transform the contents of your database without an UPDATE query. The Replace All function replaces all matches in one go. You can review, modify, or cancel the transformed contents before they are applied to the server.
Navicat Data Pump provides a convenient GUI for the Oracle Data Pump utility. It fully supports Oracle Data Pump’s modes and parameters, including the ability to save your settings for future use. Create, monitor, and manage Oracle Data Pump Jobs and dump files more efficiently.
With the SQL Server Backup Utility, backing up your databases has never been easier. An intuitive GUI guides you through the backup process and reduces the potential for errors. Save specified parameters as a template for future reference.
Having lots of connections and objects can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when trying to find something you want. Navicat 11 provides filters to assist you in managing your data. A new filter comes with all tree-structure lists in Navicat, so you can find objects in the blink of an eye.
Navicat 11 features a wide range of options to organize your digital workspace. Improve your workflow by arranging your workspace to suit your needs. The Aero Snap feature allows you to effortlessly position the windows in which you are working. The Tab Bar is a colorful way to distinguish objects and connections, ensuring that you can get to your favorite objects as quickly as possible. You can rearrange your tabs or open a new window by dragging your tab to the desktop. With Navicat 11’s flexibility, it is easier than ever to organize your work and browse your database objects.

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